Comprehensive Map of Dog-Friendly Breweries!

Sit. Stay. Good beer. My husband Scott and I love going to breweries, and I ♥love♥ seeing dogs at breweries. Since we need to keep our senior mutt Kiki active (but not too active), bringing her to the brewery is perfect for all of us. She loves the attention, and people are very respectful to her. There are many, many pet friendly breweries out there, but I had trouble finding a comprehensive…

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Activate Your Liquid Yeast! 5 Tips to Avoid Brewing Nightmares

This last batch of beer Scott and I brewed was a nightmare. After four very successful batches, #5 kicked our butts. What happened to make this one so difficult? Well, there were a few things. Here are five quick tips for I wish I’d remembered when brewing beer – especially because I’m starting to know enough to be dangerous. Note: Scott and I are also recognizing the pains of having starter equipment… more on that…

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Bottling Day! (steps and video for George :D)

Bottling day makes you realize how cool kegs really are. However, some of us don’t have the extra cash to eliminate bottling day, and so for me and Scott, it takes a tiny bit more effort to get our tasty beverage into a final vessel. Since my brother is attempting his own bottling very soon, we decided to notate our bottling day yesterday. We made a scottish ale recipe written by the brewmaster…

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New Year, New Beer

Jan 23, 2016 Happy New Year, beer lovers! It’s been a little while since my last blog post. It’s also been a while since I’ve been to a new brewery. In fact, I haven’t been to a new brewery all year. I did get an Ommegang sampler for Christmas, which was nice. I tried a few good holiday beers, like Long Trail’s Culmination, which was one of my favorites. Sure,…

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30 Breweries and Counting!

* Remember to bring cash to tip when visiting smaller breweries! Today I added Black Pond Brew to the list of breweries I’ve visited, and I realized that make 30 breweries on my map! I plan to add 31 to the map this afternoon when I use my Whalers Brewing Groupon. 2015 has been a good year! Here’s a recap of this month’s additions: Cold Creek Brewery – Ellington, CT New Brewery! What…

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November Breweries

I haven’t written a post in a while, but trust me – I’ve still been doing my brewery reconnaissance. Since November, I’ve added a few new names to my brewery map. Below are five heart-warming, make-me-thankful beer memories. Broad Brook Brewery (East Windsor, CT) We’re there just about every Wednesday, and I love the place! BBB has recently rolled out their holiday Homewrecker (6.7%). It’s a little strong on the finish – I think last…

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Troegs Tap Room

Don’t Blame the Beer – Session Variables That Can Foul Your Review

TL/DR: Use baking soda and hot, hot water to wash your beer glasses Practice proper pouring if you plan to review head If the environment is being cruel to a beer, don’t review it based on that session! When I first decided to write a beer blog, I expected that I would start writing a lot of beer reviews, and I wanted them to be good. I decided to ask experts from the…

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Take your most standard-sized growler to a new brewery for best chances of getting it filled.

Growler Laws in New England

Before you bring your local growler to fill at a new brewery – especially a brewery in a different state – check out their growler laws first. While at Broad Brook enjoying a 6-Balls Alt, my husband and I chatted with a guy who recently traveled to New Hampshire with growlers to fill. He found out the hard way that in New Hampshire, there is a law banning breweries from filling up growlers with…

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bbb oktoberfest

2015 Oktoberfest Comparisons

last updated 11/16/2015: Closed for 2015! Oktoberfest-style (or Märzen-Oktoberfestbier) beers have an interesting backstory. Basically, these beers were made in March and stored carefully so that there would be good, bacteria-free beer all summer. At the end of summer, when all of the new hops were ready to be kegged, brewmasters had to quickly empty the remaining beer to make room for the new brew. What a task! I guess…

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Wedge_Brewery_in_Asheville_NC - cropped and attributed

Beer City, USA – Asheville, NC

Wish List – Go to Beer City As I was randomly browsing online this morning, I happened to find the Explore Asheville page, for Asheville, NC. I’ve considered going to Biltmore Estate before. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Beer City! On a side note, North Carolina seems to have a pretty good beer scene going on. With over 100 breweries, NC claims to lead the southern states in breweries. Way…

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